Why Self-Policing Shouldn’t Replace Common Sense Regulation in Online Lending


Since the financial crisis, regulators and policymakers have concentrated on making brick and mortar banks safe and secure. But, away from regulatory scrutiny, a new sector has emerged led by non-bank online lenders and, if we aren’t careful, it has the potential to harm millions of small business borrowers. Self-policing is a step in the right direction, but increased regulatory vigilance is both warranted and desired.

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New Clean Energy Standards Will Give Boost to Small Business Community

Huffington Post

This week the Environmental Protection Agency released its Clean Power Plan – new rules establishing the first-ever carbon emissions standards for power plants. This is good news for entrepreneurs, the majority of whom support the EPA limiting carbon pollution, because they will strengthen our economy and small businesses by driving investment in clean energy technologies, encouraging innovation, lowering energy costs and mitigating the impacts of climate change and extreme weather.

In fact, the CPP is slated to generate a whopping $155 billion in electricity savings between 2020 and 2030, and it has the potential to create a quarter million jobs by 2040. These benefits will help small businesses save money on energy costs while also putting more money in the hands of consumers that they can spend at small businesses.

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