Legislation Increasing Support to SBA Investment Program a Step Forward for Entrepreneurs Looking for Capital

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House legislation seeks to provide greater access to capital for entrepreneurs by expanding the amount available to small business investments through the SBA’s Small Business Investment Company program

Our economy is on the upswing and reports show that business lending is on the rise, but many don’t realize that small businesses are still being left in the dust when it comes to gaining critical access to credit. In fact, recent research shows that while lending for big businesses reached record levels last year, small business lending hasn’t caught up with pre-recession levels. Our polling shows access to capital remains a persistent problem for entrepreneurs, particularly since the recession. And, while it has eased in some parts of the small business community, there are significant gaps that remain in critical areas, particularly in minority and rural communities and for women and veterans. House legislators recently introduced the Small Business Investment Company (SBIC) Capital Act of 2015 (H.R.1023), which can help address this problem by expanding the amount of capital available through small business investments.

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Delaying SHOP expansion would be ‘detrimental’

The Department of Health and Human Services is considering delaying the expansion of the Small Business Health Options Programs to employers with 50 to 99 employees — a move the Small Business Majority says would be disappointing.

“Expanding the small group market next year will increase the size of the insurance pool, which benefits the health care system overall,” Small Business Majority CEO John Arensmeyer said in a blog post Wednesday. Continue reading

The next Obamacare change? Larger small businesses ask HHS to delay expansion of small group market

The small group market for health insurance is so bad that larger small businesses don’t want to go there.

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce and 17 trade associations have asked the Department of Health and Human Services to delay moving businesses with 51 to 99 employees from the large group market to the small group market in 2016. That’s the year the Affordable Care Act called for this change to be made, and the year businesses of these size were supposed to be eligible to purchase insurance through the Small Business Health Options Program (SHOP) insurance exchanges. Continue reading

Why Investors Should Take Stock in Main Street

Accredited Investor Markets

One of the biggest challenges facing small business owners and entrepreneurs has been and continues to be the inability to access sufficient credit and capital. And new research shows small business lending levels are still lower than they were before the Great Recession. Though many small businesses are struggling to grow and thrive, they are still our nation’s biggest innovators and top job creators. In order to foster our economic recovery, we need to help the small business community achieve its fullest potential. It’s important for investors to know that entrepreneurship is on the rise, and investments in the small business community can be ripe with opportunity. Here are a few reasons why accredited investors should consider taking stock in small businesses again.

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